A Holistic View of Analytics – Tying Online Actions with Offline Sales

B2B ecommerce is not just about the revenue generated through the website. Oftentimes, it serves as a catalyst to your offline sales. The challenge is how do you read between the lines to identify sales originating from your website but resulting in offline interactions and sales. Google Analytics provides a wealth of data about online visitor engagement and interaction.  And business intelligence tools can provide you with the same wealth of data from your ERP. The question is how to tie them together. Let’s start with a simple way to see if online engagement is resulting in higher sales for a particular product category. Identify through your online analytics tool what category of products are seeing the most hits either through search results or general navigation. Now take that category and compare it against that category in your ERP or business intelligence tool. Look at that data for a given month and see if you find any correlation between online customer engagement and any sales increase for that category.  The same exercise can be used for products, customers, and online promotions. 

For getting a sense of what your users/customers are accessing on your site and what actions they are taking post log-in, Google Analytics offers the following for tracking this activity based on this support article. There are other tools out there that do this natively within their product.  One specific analytics package I would recommend is Matomo. I encourage you to compare the two as Matomo offers some very specific features meant for B2B sites.  You can also import your GA data directly into Matomo.  In looking at post login activity and comparing to your customer data in your ERP, you will be able to see what online customer activity is driving offline sales.