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Why Proximity Matters

Proximity is a revolutionary metric for fixing the broken supply chain. Proximity is the use of technology to drive the […]

A Holistic View of Analytics – Tying Online Actions with Offline Sales

B2B ecommerce is not just about the revenue generated through the website. Oftentimes, it serves as a catalyst to your […]

Disruption is Dead; Long Live Disruption

We’ve all heard this phrase: The king is dead; long live the king! This is the once customary announcement proclaimed […]

B2Best Brief | A Factrees Newsletter

At Factrees, our mission is to help Manufacturers, Distributors, and Reps connect and grow their business. The B2Best Brief furthers […]

Factrees Podcast Image

The Digital Supply Chain Podcast | Making Sourcing Simplified

CEO and Founder of Factrees, Keith Williams joins Global VP & Host at SAP, Tom Raftery on the #1 digital […]

Find Independent Sales Reps on Factrees Graphic

How Do Manufacturers Looking for Sales Reps Find the Right Fit?

Manufacturers are often so consumed with making their products safe, reliable and user-friendly that they can overlook one of the […]