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How Do Manufacturers Looking for Sales Reps Find the Right Fit?

Manufacturers are often so consumed with making their products safe, reliable and user-friendly that they can overlook one of the most critical questions they should be asking…How do I find independent sales reps who are passionate about my products, engaged with my best markets, ready to go the extra mile to represent my products in […]

Sales Commission Agreements: What Should Be Included?

Aligning your business with the right sales reps is an integral part of making sure you have the ideal people to represent your products and services in territories across the country. One key aspect of the process is the sales commission agreement contract you create with your sales reps. You’ll want to make sure that […]

Find Independent Sales Reps on Factrees Graphic

The State of Today’s Manufacturing Industry: How Difficulty Finding Sales Reps is Creating Stagnation

Keith Williams, Founder of Factrees, realized that there was a gap in the way distributors, sales reps, and manufacturers connected when he was doing some basic research for a startup tied to the manufacturing industry.