Sourcing Simplified

Connecting Manufacturers, Reps, and Distributors

Factrees’ searchable B2B network of manufacturers, independent sales reps, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers is the right place to make the best connections and partnerships to grow your business.

Connecting Manufacturers, Reps, and Distributors Graphic Connecting Manufacturers, Reps, and Distributors

What is Factrees?

A One-of-a-Kind Network Where Manufacturers and Sales Reps Make the Right Connections

Browse 1000’s of manufacturer, rep & distributor company profiles on the Factrees network to find the ones that meet your specific needs.

Search Companies on Factrees Graphic

Search Companies by Category, Industry & Customers Served

Find quality sales and manufacturer reps with experience in your markets that will get you results.

Company Reviews on Factrees Graphic

Evaluate based on Business Relationships & Reviews

Research potential partners based on who they are working with and the reviews they are getting.

Meet and Network Potential Partners on Factrees Graphic

Message, Meet & Network with Potential Business Partners

Connect with network members, conduct virtual meetings in real-time, and make business happen.

Invite Business Partners and Contact Lists Graphic

Easily invite Business Partners & Contacts to join your network

Grow your network by connecting your contacts, partners and new prospects in a single, easily accessible platform.

Factrees’ Features

Where the Sourcing Process is Simplified

Don’t rely on word of mouth to find the right partners to grow your business. Instead, build your own network in Factrees, the searchable network where manufacturers and sales reps find detailed reviews, territory information, company relationships, sales volume, and the insights that matter most when you want to grow your sales network.

Where the Sourcing Process is Simplified Graphic Where the Sourcing Process is Simplified Graphic

01. Detailed Company Profiles

Provide information about your company that really matters to your potential partners. Let them know your capabilities; from the lines you carry to the territories you cover. Promote your business and grow your network.

  • Company Summary and contact information
  • Detailed Categories, Industries and Customers served
  • Map of Territories they cover
  • Companies that they currently represent
  • Reviews by Business Partners


03. Company relationship

Evaluate your current and future partners by seeing who they are currently working with. Understand the details of the relationship and make better decisions that will translate into sales.

  • See the companies that manufacturers, reps & distributors currently do business with
  • How long they have been in business together
  • How many lines they have
  • How many units they move
  • The sales volume they drive


04. Company Ratings and Reviews

Factrees members are encouraged to rate and review their business partners which allows all members to make informed decisions on who they do business with.

  • See how companies are viewed by their current partners
  • Request reviews of your company by your partners to boost your reputation score
  • Reviews based on:
    • Professionalism
    • Dependability
    • Distributor relationships
    • Sales Performance
    • Product Knowledge
    • Manufacturing Capacity

How Factrees Works

Getting listed on Factrees is easy

In minutes, manufacturers and distributors from any industry can create company profiles that expand their reach to sales reps across the country. With Factrees, your company will find an entirely new group of sales reps who can take your products from the warehouse to store shelves.

Search for your Company

We have 1000’s of companies in our system and access to national networks. Simply enter your company name and you’re off.

Claim your Company

Find your company, hit the “Claim” button, verify through email and start networking. It’s as simple as that.

Fill out your profile

Once claimed, fill out your company’s profile adding details so that the entire Factrees network can see it.

Publish your profile

When you’re happy with your company’s profile, “Publish” and start growing your contacts. Then, inviting business partners into your network takes a click of the mouse.

Factrees Benefits

Bring the Partners to You

Factrees gets you in front of 1000’s of relevant companies and allows you to save time in finding & evaluating quality business partners.

Manufacturer Benefits

Find the Right Sales Partners

Quickly find Reps that have a proven track record with your lines.

  • Reduce cost and save time finding reps for your lines.
  • Publish your capabilities to 1000’s of sales reps and distributors.
  • Leverage reviews to find the best-performing reps.
  • Quickly find reps that have relationships with the distributors you want.
  • Filter out Reps with competitor conflicts.
Find the Right Sales Partners Graphic Find the Right Sales Partners Graphic

Sales Representative Benefits

Grow Your Lines

Get in front of 1000’s of Manufacturers looking for reps.

  • Reduce cost and save time finding new lines.
  • Expand your reach with a time-saving, cost-effective way to find new lines and sourcing partners.
  • Publish your capabilities to 1000’s of Distributors.
  • Put your sales experience and capabilities in front of both small and large manufacturers.
  • Leverage Reviews to find the manufacturers that you can trust.
  • Learn about new markets and find trusted partners.
  • Expand your distributor relationships into new territories and industries.
  • Gain access to new territories and industries you’re interested in pursuing.
Grow Your Network with Factrees Graphic Grow Your Network with Factrees Graphic

Distributor Benefits

Find the Right Sourcing Partners

Quickly be found by manufacturers and sales reps looking for wholesale distribution partners.

  • Reduce cost and save time allowing manufacturers and reps to find you.
  • Publish your capabilities to 1000’s of manufacturers and sales reps.
  • Leverage reviews to find reliable manufacturers.
  • Quickly find reps that have relationships with the manufacturers you want.
  • Showcase your wholesale distribution market reach & reputation to potential suppliers.
Find the Right Sourcing Partners on Factrees Graphic Find the Right Sourcing Partners on Factrees Graphic

What we are hearing

Our Customers Can’t Wait for Factrees

Courtney Little

President, Ace Glass

There are a lot of underutilized resources in the market because manufacturers have a hard time finding good representatives and those representatives are always looking for new products and solutions to bring to market. Factrees has a great solution to the problem with an efficient tool and process that helps manufacturers and representatives connect.

Tina McConoughey

CEO, Source Force

As an independent rep new accounts and product lines come via word of mouth or google search so having the ability to connect via Factrees will be beneficial in growing and connecting relationships that I may not have had before. This is a simple and detailed way to promote my business as well as the products I represent.

Ron Smith

President/CEO, Curtis Stout

Like most business segments, the manufacturer’s rep industry is shifting and experiencing tremendous change. There is a groundswell of realignment between manufacturers and independent rep organizations. Factrees offers a valuable tool; a professional approach to connect / match all manufacturers with quality sales agents. Our company highly recommends Factrees and it’s a positive impact.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Factrees is truly a different kind of community than anything out there today.
Here are a few of the most commonly asked:

What is the Pricing or How much does this cost?

Signing up and creating a profile will be free. There will be a monthly subscription for expanded features and information. The pricing is still being developed but it will be well below other similar offerings in this space.

Can you buy manufacturers products on Factrees, like on Amazon?

No, Factrees is focused specifically on the backend sales process between manufacturers, reps, and distributors.

How is this different from LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a personal profile system geared toward jobs and networking. While we both have company profiles, LinkedIn is not designed to match reps, manufacturers, and distributors together, nor does it capture the specific information Factrees does.

Is Factrees geared to a specific industry or vertical?

We are initially focusing on the Construction Industry since there is a high concentration of customers that would benefit from our service, however, Factrees works for any product, industry or territory.

Is Factrees available to companies outside the US?

While our model works globally, we are initially only focusing on US-based companies.

Is there someone I can talk to to learn more about Factrees?

Yes! If you have questions or want to know more about Factrees, book a meeting with our team and we will be happy to answer your question to discuss opportunities with Factress. We can cover topics such as: large accounts, partnerships, launch details, advertising, etc.

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