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A Place for Independent Sales Reps to Grow Their Network

When you grow your network, you not only grow your footprint, you grow your reputation as an established manufacturer sales rep.

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Benefits of Factrees for Sales Reps

Grow Your Network and Create New Opportunities

In the business world, making connections is an integral part of success. With Factrees, you’ll not only meet new manufacturers who need qualified sales reps, you’ll also grow your network of opportunities.

1000’s of Potential Partners

Factrees network has 1000’s of manufacturers & distributors across all Categories.

Relevant Matches

Factrees matching technology finds manufacturers who need your expertise.

Easy to Search

Find manufacturers by Territory, Product line & factory capabilities.

Avoid Conflicts

Immediately know upfront which manufacturers would conflict with your existing products.

Find More Clients

Manufacturers & Distributors Are Only Clicks Away

  • What is your process for finding new lines that match your experience?
  • Do you rely on word of mouth for manufacturers to find you?
  • Is it time-consuming to find distribution partners for your clients?

Factrees network has 1000’s of manufacturers looking for representation and a network of distributors that are looking for new and replacement lines. No longer do you need to rely on word of mouth or industry events to grow your business.

Our proprietary search engine will match you with the most relevant companies that fit your experience and expertise. A robust set of filters will allow you to narrow down your search to find the exact partners to fit your needs.

Save hours of phone calls and searching the internet one company at a time. Don’t spend all of your marketing dollars on display ads. Let Factrees bring the customers to you!

Know Them Before You Contact Them

Evaluate Manufacturers to Find the Best Partners

  • What is your process for researching manufacturers before representing them?
  • Are your manufacturers performing well for their current distributors?
  • Is reputation a factor in your decision to sign new clients?

When it’s your reputation on the line, it’s critical that you have reliable manufacturers in your network. Factrees provides you with all the information you need to make sound decisions on which manufacturers to bring to your customers. With Factrees, the decision-making process for new clients is easy.

>With the capability to see detailed reviews from other reps and distributors, you’ll make sound decisions and bring the best manufacturers to your customers. All reviews on Factrees are submitted by other members, so you know you can trust they are authentic and verifiable.

Our company profiles provide insights into manufacturing capabilities, performance metrics, and existing relationships between distributors and their manufacturers. These details allow you to evaluate the manufacturer’s capabilities and performance.

Ratings & Reviews

Find reviews of manufacturers by their rep & distributor partners.

Distributor Relationships

See which distributors the Manufacturers are selling through and the details (length of time, lines, volume).

Current Clients

Learn who’s repping a manufacturer and the extent of their engagement.

Compare Competitors

See how manufacturers stack up against each other to find the best partners and products.

Detailed Profiles

Showcase your company’s expertise & services to potential clients.

Targeted Advertising

Feature your profile when manufacturers in your space are searching Reps in your space.

Relevant Search

Get in front of 1000’s of manufacturers and distributors that are looking for reps with your expertise & relationships.

Invites & Referrals

Invite others to join your network and refer customers to your business partners if there are conflicts.

Grow your network

Engage with your Business Partners All in One Place

  • How do you connect with the right distributors to grow sales in the territories you serve?
  • Are trade shows and word-of-mouth not getting you the results you want?
  • Is it too time-consuming and cumbersome to get your sales expertise in front of the manufacturers and distributors that matter?

Factress provides manufacturer sales reps like you with an extremely cost-effective way to meet companies who want reps with your expertise and capabilities. With just a small monthly subscription fee, you’ll be able to target your best markets at a fraction of the cost of trade shows or pricey advertising.

Our targeted advertising technology allows you to get in front of specific manufacturers & distributors based on product category, Industry, territory, and business relationship.

Quickly grow your network by inviting other potential partners onto Factrees. Our in-system messaging allows you to directly communicate with other members to market and grow your business.

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