Your Sourcing Process Should be as Efficient as Your Manufacturing Process

Where Manufacturers Connect with Wholesale Distributors and Sales Representatives

While you focus on manufacturing, you’ll grow your in-house network of new, independent sales reps to increase your market share and grow opportunities that expand the reach of your product lines.

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Benefits of Factrees for Manufacturers

Grow Your Lines with Independent Sales Reps

Factrees connects manufacturers like you with independent sales reps that have connections to the markets where you’re interested in doing business.

Independent Sales Reps

Factrees network has 1000’s of independent sales reps across all lines and products.

Research Conflicts of Interest Graphic

Research Conflicts of Interest

Identify what reps have conflicts with your lines to avoid the wrong matches.

Search Factrees Database Graphic

Easy to Search Database

Find sales reps by territory, product line, industry & services in a single, easy-to-use interface.

Relevant Industry Matches Graphic

Relevant Industry Matches

Find sales reps by territory, product line, industry & services in a single, easy-to-use interface.

Save Time

Find Reps Quickly & Easily

  • What is your process for finding reps in a new territory or industry?
  • Do you rely on word of mouth to find reps?
  • What does it cost you to replace an underperforming rep?

Factrees’ network of 1000’s of sales reps & distributors allows manufacturers to efficiently identify the right independent sales reps and distributors. Relying on industry events or happenstance meetings will now be a thing of the past. Our 24/7 platform works on your schedule.

Factrees’ proprietary search engine matches you with the most relevant independent sales reps who have pre-established connections with the right businesses. A robust set of filters narrows down your search to find the exact partners to fit your needs.

Searching the Internet for companies to do business with is tedious, time-consuming, and often unproductive. Factrees brings your best customers to you!

When you network with 1000’s of manufacturers and sales reps, your business thrives and comes alive in new markets.

Informed Decisions

Evaluate Reps to Find the Best Partners

  • How much research did you do on your reps before contracting them?
  • Are your reps performing well for their other manufacturing clients?
  • Do your reps have strong relationships with the distributors you desire?

Finding good reps is hard, period. Once you do find them, it is very difficult if not impossible to evaluate them to know if they are the best choice for your business.

Factrees provides ratings and reviews that are supplied by actual business partners of the reps you are researching. Don’t waste time “asking around” about a rep. Get direct feedback from manufacturers and distributors on how they perform.

Company profiles on Factrees provide you visibility into what business partners the reps and distributors currently have. You can research their client base to see if they have the expertise and relationships that fit your needs.

Ratings & Reviews

Reviews of Reps by their manufacturer & merchant customers.

Distributor Relationships

See the rep’s relationships with distributors and associated details (length of time, lines carried, volume).

Current Clients

See the rep’s current manufacturing clients and details of their engagement.

Compare Competitors

Evaluate reps against their competitors to find the best performer.

Factrees Profile Graphic

Detailed Profiles

Quickly showcase your company’s products and capabilities to sales reps in new markets.

Targeted Advertising with Factrees Graphic

Targeted Advertising

Become a “featured” manufacturer to catch the eye of sales reps looking to represent products or services in your space.

Factrees Search Graphic

Relevant Search

Highlight your manufacturing capabilities to 1000’s of new sales reps who are looking to market products like yours.

Factrees Invites and Messages Graphic

Invites & Messaging

Invite both current and potential business partners to the only all-in-one network where manufacturers connect to the best sales reps.

Grow Your Network

Engage with your Business Partners All in One Place

  • How do reps & distributors know about your company?
  • What is the return on your marketing & advertising spend?
  • Are trade shows & word of mouth your primary growth vehicles?
  • Has COVID impacted your ability to grow your business?

Factrees is an extremely cost-effective way to market your products and manufacturing capabilities. By simply moving a small portion of your current marketing spend to Factrees, you will be reaching your exact target market at a fraction of the monthly cost.

Our targeted advertising technology allows you to get in front of specific reps & distributors based on product category, Industry, territory and business relationship.

Quickly grow your network by inviting other potential partners onto Factrees. Our in-system messaging allows you to communicate with other members to further expand your network.

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