Frequently Asked Questions

Factrees is truly a different kind of community than anything out there today.
Here are a few of the most commonly asked:

What is the Pricing or How much does this cost?

Signing up and creating a profile will be free. There will be a monthly subscription for expanded features and information. The pricing is still being developed but it will be well below other similar offerings in this space.

Can you buy manufacturers products on Factrees, like on Amazon?

No, Factrees is focused specifically on the backend sales process between manufacturers, reps, and distributors.

How is this different from LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a personal profile system geared toward jobs and networking. While we both have company profiles, LinkedIn is not designed to match reps, manufacturers, and distributors together, nor does it capture the specific information Factrees does.

Is Factrees geared to a specific industry or vertical?

We are initially focusing on the Construction Industry since there is a high concentration of customers that would benefit from our service, however, Factrees works for any product, industry or territory.

Is Factrees available to companies outside the US?

While our model works globally, we are initially only focusing on US-based companies.

Is there someone I can talk to to learn more about Factrees?

Yes! If you have questions or want to know more about Factrees, book a meeting with our team and we will be happy to answer your question to discuss opportunities with Factress. We can cover topics such as: large accounts, partnerships, launch details, advertising, etc.

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